#CritLit2010 – Good models

I find really interesting reading Critical Thinking, by Alec Fisher. Perhaps I’ll get a sort of teacher’s professional crisis . . .;-)

At page 9 they say that  good teaching is about giving good models: I totally agree with it and, at the same time, I wonder if I’am able to do this way when I try to teach electronics to my students! Infact,  to give good models, I would need to practise electronics at the right level. May be I would need, for example once in a five years, stop teaching to go and work in a workshop or in an industry. Instead I’m living in the school for more then 15 years . . . so my electronics culture is actually a librarian culture, I can’t be able to practice “in the field”.

So, my thoughts are about this: how can I find good models for my students? If I’ll not be able to find them, I think I’ll be able to teach at an abstract and cognitive level only. Shall I be able to help my student to build their professional competences?

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